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Joann Paldo

Joann Paldo M.ED.

As a seasoned and accomplished educator, JoAnn has been a specialist in multi-sensory reading instruction since 1996. She has a wealth of instructional experience and has both a bachelor’s and master’s degree is special education. JoAnn works with a wide variety of individuals who learn differently.and specializes in remediation, accommodations and advocating for families whose children are experiencing severe learning issues and who may not respond to traditional classroom instruction. She is responsible for design, implementation, and delivery of remedial instruction plans for all of our clients.

JoAnn’s career began in the classroom as a Special Education teacher where she applied instructional strategies to students with reading problems. Her teaching career spanned from primary to secondary school. She is a former Teacher of the Year recipient and past president of the Illinois Branch of the International Dyslexia Association (IBIDA).

JoAnn offers her expertise to school districts, parent groups, state and national level conferences. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge of reading and learning and has taught courses for the International Dyslexia Association educating teachers and paraprofessionals.